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As a CareOregon Advantage provider, you may have specific questions for us. Below, you’ll find contact and procedural information for providers. If you are looking for specific forms and policies, visit our provider page and select your area. Please click on a topic below to get started.

Contact Us 

Find the most convenient way to contact us, update your clinic information and sign up for updates from CareOregon Advantage.

Becoming a CareOregon Advantage provider 

Thank you for your interest in joining CareOregon Advantage’s provider panel!

CareOregon administers plan services for three Coordinated Care Organizations (CCO) and a Medicare Advantage plan (D-SNP), supporting and enhancing sensible, localized, coordinated care. 

Member Resources

Help our members and potential members get the right care and service they deserve, in a language they understand. From signing up eligible candidates to finding them a free air conditioner when it gets hot, you can find resources to provide the best service in the menus below.

Submitting claims and receiving payment 

You can find instructions and options for various methods of submitting claims, receiving payments and remittance advices. 

The AMA recognizes electronic health care transactions as a cost saving, efficient way to do business and allows physicians to refocus resources on patient care. The links below provide information regarding various electronic transactions such as submitting claims, receiving payments and remittance advices.

To access your remittance advice electronically:

To receive payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):

CareOregon provides a couple of options for electronic payment.

  1. Enroll with CareOregon ePayment Center, administered by Zelis for ACH direct deposit payment, at no cost. Please contact the ePayment Center customer service team at 855-774-4392 or for instructions on how to register and enroll. Please note, TIN verification is required for registration and enrollment.
  2. Enroll with Zelis Payment Network for ACH direct deposit payment or virtual credit card for a small fee (this is separate from CareOregon’s free ePayment ACH option noted above). To enroll with the Zelis Payment Network, go to their website at, or you can call them at 855-496-1571.
    • Please note: CareOregon is not involved in any relationship with providers and Zelis Payments. It is strictly between Zelis and you, the provider.

To receive electronic remittance advice:

  • 835 form: Please complete and fax back to the number listed on the bottom of the form
  • 835 information guide
    • Important: 835 enrollment is available through CareOregon ePayment Center, administered by Zelis. If enrolling with the ePayment center, please do not submit this form. Instead, select the option for 835 enrollment upon registration through the ePayment center.

Provider Training

Stay up-to-date on quality metrics, fraud waste and abuse policies, and Model of Care training with the following tools.

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